How to clean your Ecoset tumbler and travel mugs lids – getting rid of harsh stains.

October 10, 2022

If you’re like us and use your Ecoset tumbler or mug daily both at home or when you are on the go, then you’ll know that there’s nothing more off-putting than seeing stubborn coffee stains on your slide lid.  We get a lot of customers asking us how to get rid of these nasty coffee stains and grime out of their lids.  So let’s walk you through the best ways to clean your well-loved Tumblers or Travel Mugs to get them looking spic and span.

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If you recently purchased or were gifted one of our Travel Mugs or Tumblers then this blog is for you. Coffee and tea can create nasty, hard-to-get stains on your product.  Here are a few ways to clean your reusable tumbler or travel mug:


Lets start with the lid

We know how annoying lingering coffee stains can be; even with immediate aftercare of your Ecoset Tumbler, Stroller or travel mug lid, some staining may occur over time with regular use. We recommend cleaning your Ecoset lid daily to prevent bacteria, mould, and other germ build-ups; however, staining does not mean your Ecoset lid is dirty. If it has been a while since you’ve deep cleaned your lids, don’t worry, we have a quick, easy, and effective solution for you!

Follow these easy steps below:

  1. Carefully disassemble your slide Lid: carefully remove your slider lid, and gently remove your rubber gasket from the rim of your Lid. See the video here on how to do this without damaging or forcing your slide component:
  2. If you find it difficult to get the slide component out we sometimes use the handle of a spoon or chopstick to help pop it out.
  3. Place your lid pieces, including rubber gaskets in a bowl and fill about halfway with warm or hot water soapy water.
  4. Give the silicone pieces a little scrub with a small brush.  We sometimes use a toothbrush
  5. Let the lid steep for a while. Take them out and rinse.
  6. Let them dry on a kitchen towel or tea towel, re-assemble them, and pop them back on your lid!


A natural cleaning solution – Baking Soda!

A great natural solution for cleaning hard coffee and tea stains from your Stainless Steel Travel Mug or Tumbler is using baking soda. Follow the easy steps below to get your Ecoset Tumbler and Travel mug sparkling and as good as new


To clean your Stainless Steel Travel Mug or Tumbler:

  1. Pour baking soda into the inside of your travel mug
  2. Slowly pour in warm water until the mixture forms a paste-like consistency
  3. Use a bottle brush or sponge to scrub the paste inside the bottle and on the lid
  4. Let it sit for up to 15 minutes
  5. Rinse away the mixture with hot water and set to dry upside down on a drying rack


Sit back, relax and enjoy your coffee and tea in your Ecoset! Aaaaaahhhhhhh

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